Turning ideas into codes using mind maps

With Mapperidea developers can think exclusively about the programming logic to create the software. Thus, they go back to the beginnings of their function, where they should only focus on creating increasingly intelligent, fast and short codes.

Transformando ideias em códigos com a utilização de mapas mentais.
Mapa Mental

Mind map

Mind map programming facilitates all the processes involved in software development. With it, it is possible to design the applications without writing the lines of code from the beginning. That is, you can assemble the skeleton of the entire application in a simple to understand tool.

How it works?

Mapperidea uses the new Agile-Code methodology. From there, the tool produces the code according to the architecture proposed by the programmer. And after creating the mind map, just export the result to the desired language, speeding up the whole process.

With Mapperidea you or your team can program up to 5x faster

No Boundaries

Everything will depend on mind maps and programming patterns.

Proof of future

f the technology changes, but the ideas remain, just configure Mapperidea!


For a modernization of the look of the system it is not necessary to rewrite the entire code.

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