What Is an Agile Software Development Methodology?

Clóvis Wichoski
April 28, 2020
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The agile methodology optimizes the work flux and increases productivity of those who work with software development.

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People who work with software development know the importance of steadily improving the performance to deliver quality projects in the shortest possible time. This generates customer satisfaction, and proportionally makes room for the taking of new demand. To attain these goals it is possible to utilize the agile methodology, that optimizes the work flux, create action patterns and increases productivity.

In times of intense competition and when enterprises expect to receive solutions that are totally adjusted to their needs, obtaining these advantages is synonym of competitive differential and better results.

If you got all the way here, it is probably because you are interested in knowing more about this method which can contribute directly to the evolution of one’s career. In this case, follow our post and get to know more about the model!

What is the agile methodology

The agile methodology is a concept which was born in 2001, when a group of programmers gathered in Utah, USA, to discuss better structured and facilitated development processes from their experience.

In the occasion, the professionals signed a document named “Manifesto for Agile Software Development”, which solidified the 12 principles of the method, as well as their 4 key-fundamentals. They are:

  • Individuals and interactions above tools and processes;

  • Pieces of software that work with a broader array of documents;

  • Collaboration between customers and suppliers which goes beyond contract negotiation;

  • Quick responses, continuous testing and changes to keep up with tendencies through a well-structured plan;

Advantages of implementing the agile methodology to software development

The agile methodology brings together different methods. Besides being utilized in software development, it has been used in many other areas. Before we clarify what these methods are, it is important that you know some of the benefits of utilizing the tool in your day by day. Check it out:

⦁ The deliveries are faster, for in each step of the project, the customer receives a real system with implemented resources. As the processes go, the same validates the changes or displays the necessary shifts, minimizing the rework and contributing to the reaching of purposes;

⦁ Proximity between the stakeholders, as one of the premises of the agile methodology is to stimulate the contact among the ones involved in the project, which avoids communication noise and facilitates a deeper comprehension of demands;

⦁ Better customer service that follows a closer relationship, which shows concern with high performance deliveries;

Types of agile methodology

As we have already mentioned, those who are in charge of software development can pick from the different models of the agile methodology. Take a look at what they are:

Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)

The DSDM was originated in the United Kingdom. It envisions the developing of projects with the desired quality without surpassing the limits of budget and time. Among its principles are the development of incremental and interactive software, flexible requirements, communication and collaboration between customer and professional and integration of resources.


The SCRUM methodology focus on potentializing team work through cycles of programmed activities, called sprints. Among them are the planning of activities and the set dates to start and finish. A greater work productivity stems from this built structure, in an organized, quick and improvable manner.


Through the constant communication and integration of the ones involved in the software development, the Lean methodology puts the struggle for efficiency on top. In that case, for the goals to the accomplished, attitude is ranked higher than planning. One of the fundamental skills of the method is the ability to adapt.

Extreme Programming (XP)

Inside the agile methodology, XP is among the most hardcore ones. The reason being that it concentrates more in the process of software engineering and tackles analysis, development and tests with innovative actions, which have the intent of optimizing the final quality of its systems.

How to implement the methodology

From the knowledge of the types of agile methodology and its fundamentals, the professional should observe which of them are the most interesting to the job and, thenceforth, pave the ways to be followed.

This involves actions such as planning based on quality expectations and delivery, steps organization, alignment among involved personnel and ability to learn from mistakes, working constantly to optimize the processes and deliver solutions beyond the customers’ desires.

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