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Clóvis Wichoski
April 30, 2020
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You may have heard of the term “time is money”. The profession of a freelancer, today, requires expertise, knowledge of tools that are constantly updated, is not true? In this article, you will see how important it is to ensure the software quality through good practices in developer work.

The difficult time management task for the freelancer

Time management is obviously very important for who is developer and works as a freelancer. Oftentimes, due to the fact that you are always wasting time maintaining programs, it brings, in addition to negative consequences, waste of your precious working time.

Programmers, often waste more time on other demands than creating software. Administrative tasks, maintenance, brainstorming and waiting for tests, combine and exceed the hours spent on creation and coding.

So, in order to avoid the pain that every freelancer has in these conditions, follow these tips:

1. Make a schedule, mental map

Freelancers generally have a flexible schedule. One of the most common mistakes that new programmers make is taking advantage of this flexibility and using it as an excuse to procrastinate. The best way to avoid this is to set a schedule and stick to it.

Even if you are working on a project and can create your own schedule, it is in your interest to do it regularly. Participate in coworking spaces, if you think that motivation around you makes you more productive.

2. Know how to say no

One of the most important skills that a freelance developer has is the ability to set boundaries. Don’t be afraid to put limits on a job that you don’t have time to do.

3. Keep your software updates up to date

Configure warnings from Windows or another operating system, even platforms like Google, so you don’t forget to keep your programs up to date. So, create a digital environment, allowing that technology to be your friend and not the other way around. Productivity apps help to simulate a better work atmosphere.

So, make a small routine of simple and objective procedures. From security to “backups”, from software updates to new content, these procedures can consume a lot of your time. Worse, if you are not a web professional who understands a lot of damage caused by a lack of protection and firewall, maintenance can become more of a stressful agent.

Do you have someone on your team who knows the server technologies, firewall programming, or other tools? Sometimes, delegating your maintenance and support can be a way out, which helps you a lot to free up your time and increase your productivity in software quality.

In this way, time management is crucial if you are a freelancer.

These are some of the good ways for developers to spend less time maintaining software and even fixing bugs unnecessarily. The time he could be producing and developing more, is the same time being creating resources, isn’t it?

The importance of observation and IT risk mitigation

Professionals with years of programming tend to “predict” both, user behavior, software bottleneck, eventual system bugs and forms of protection. Thus, they are able to prevent possible failures in the future. All this, thanks to the updated mapping.

After all, as a programmer, it is a fact of life that you will spend a lot of time maintaining and taking care of programs. This makes you skip a task and lose focus on software quality. And to guarantee this software quality, to maintain an effective development work, it is necessary to be able to dive into the organization and management of tasks.

The more interruptions occur, more time will be wasted by switching contexts. All requests must be kept in a list, ordered by priority. Estimate the time needed to implement the highest priorities. Estimate the time needed to implement the highest priorities, then schedule your time.

So, to help with this performance, here are some best practices for managing project escalations.


In any initiative, freelance developers must deal with issues that will certainly emerge. Some are solvable within the project planning, with or without the influence of your project manager. Such important problems and risks can lead to escalations, which require special management.

“Escalation” means problems: when necessary and done in a timely manner, escalation management can help solve problems outside of your influence. For this, be prepared to agree on important issues, but without exaggerating!

You should not escalate all the problems encountered, just escalate the main problems with considerable impacts. Invest in software quality!

Communicate escalation: After doing everything you could to prevent escalation, you raised awareness and communicated. If possible, make a proposal with some resolution options.

This form of management avoids the causes of project delays. Project delays can affect any sector, whether collective or individual. And for IT projects, there are usually several development teams involved. Sometimes, a delay implies scaling up other departments that manage specific platforms and services. This can completely harm the project.

Using the Deep Code as software

So, the next step is to improve and optimize the results of the IT project. Be sure to monitor the plan to identify and prevent these risks, in order to mitigate them before the process moves forward.

Observability helps teams to ensure a software quality, optimizing time with the application of modern technological tools. Essentially, you need to list all stages of a project under development. It is not possible to maintain a mental map of the system when it changes every day, hour or minute. As teams add new services, they activate and close application instances, making it difficult to maintain a mental map.

However, organize your programmability using the Deep Code platform.

With Deep Code, the developer can write a code much better! Because, it already warns about critical vulnerabilities that you can address in your code. Therefore, it is important not to leave safety errors in production, saving time locating and correcting them.

Therefore, with the use of Deep Code, finding vulnerabilities where other automated reviews do not, it guarantees positive feedback for projects on platforms and in the software quality itself.

Are you ready to use Deep Code from these knowledge bases to improve the code? Be sure to do your software quality control audits. Prevent the results of outdated software.

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Clóvis Wichoski

Clóvis Wichoski

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