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Agile-Code Solution

It is a concept in software development that is premised on free choice of technology, agility of code creation, ownership of the generated code, and independence of the tool.

Mind Map
Revolutionize The Way You Develop Softwares.

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What is Mapperidea?

Mapperidea uses artificial intelligence and, based on mind maps, turns the software’s ideas and architectures into repeatable source code, facilitating, improving and exponentially accelerating the production cycle of creating computer programs, converting an idea into software, in the desired technology, in much less time.

Accelerate software production and maintenance by 5X

Mapperidea was designed to offer a totally different experience. Using mind maps, we can express not only the metadata of the application, but also all the business rules, behaviors and even abstractions of the user interface.

Mind Map

Transforming mind maps into source codes

Using mind maps for ideas and software architecture, Mapperidea generates source code to supply the need to convert an idea into software based in the desired technology.

Discover a new way of thinking about software development and turn ideas into source code

Maximum productivity

Forget copy / past. Teach your machine to program and save more time to develop your creative potential.

50% savings

A developer can program 5X faster and more efficiently.

Reducing errors

with defined standards, Mapperidea reduces code reproduction errors to zero.

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